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Heroes Will Fall is Pressure’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
When you step into the world of Pressure, one thing becomes abundantly clear: this is not your average band. With their latest EP, “Heroes Will Fall,” they once again showcase their solid artistic vision and a truly unique musical approach that sets them apart from the rest.

Heroes Will Fall is Pressure’s Ep Out Now

What immediately grabs your attention about Pressure is that their sound isn’t perfectly polished.

It’s raw, visceral, and unapologetically real. You can practically feel the sweat and tears on the instruments, and the passion of these guys oozes from every note. It’s music that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Their sound is epic, intricate, and hypnotizing. It’s a sonic journey that takes you deep into uncharted territories, where each twist and turn keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Listening to Pressure is like stepping into the midst of a musical odyssey, and “Heroes Will Fall” is no exception.

What’s truly captivating about this band is that every release comes with a special story behind it. It’s not just about creating songs; it’s about crafting a narrative, weaving a tapestry of sound that takes the listener on a profound journey.

Pressure’s music could easily serve as the soundtrack to a mesmerizing musical.

As you immerse yourself in the world of “Heroes Will Fall,” you can’t help but be drawn into their labyrinthine melodies, the magnetic pull of their rhythms, and the haunting beauty of their lyrics.

Pressure is a band that dares to be different and that continues to push the boundaries of what music can be.

This band is a true gem in the musical landscape, and they’re not afraid to lead you into the unknown with their one-of-a-kind sound and compelling stories.

Heroes Will Fall is Pressure’s Ep Out Now!


Heroes Will Fall is Pressure’s Ep Out Now

The land trembles in both fear and anticipation as the two demonic commanders embarks on their final battle. With glory, love, companionship, honor and pride in their hearts they raise the flag one last time to see who will be standing when the smoke settles. The Oath is taken, and in the metal morning the hoarde has already taken their final stand. The demon huntress leads the charge across the bridge and the fierce enemy awaits at the bridgehead. Who will prevail?

All stories on this EP are written from the demon’s perspective. To show just a glimpse of their world and how they see their existence. The deeper meaning of this stories is to never judge a book by its cover. Even a demon has the right to get its story told. So come join us in the darkness among the flames, gaze upon the dark dragon lord and embrace the stories of the two Demon Commanders.

Sweden’s Pressure was formed in early 2018 in Stockholm with the intention of highlighting the different pressures that we all live under but doesn’t talk about or feel troubled about. Pressure has already made an impact on both the national and international scene with their blend of rock, metal, electronic and pop influences that are used and combined in the unique way that they call Story Metal.

Pressure uses their unique melodic ability, razor sharp lyrics and heavy music to deals with the pressures inside, outside, and all around us and of the need and urge to challenge and confront our demons and being able to change our fate.


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