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Hero’s Gold is MAL’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
MAL will entertain us today with a new single titled Hero’s Gold.

Hero’s Gold is MAL’s Single Out Now

A song that many people can relate to.

It’s always a difficult decision to leave to pursue a dream. Leaving loved ones for a new adventure is tough.

When you choose you always lose something… but in life you can’t have everything and you have to follow your instincts.

Hero’s Gold is a deep song very Sound Garden but also very MAL. By now I’ve begun to understand this band and their sound is still unique and peculiar.

Particular mention to the guitars that thrilled me with the powerful riffs and above all with the solo.

This tune is really intriguing. The intricate chord progression demonstrates once again the songwriting skills of this band.

This band deserves much success as they always produce top-quality songs.

Hero’s Gold is MAL’s Single Out Now!


Hero’s Gold is MAL’s Single Out Now

Hero’s Gold is about the journey and struggle of providing for one’s family – Literally traveling far away from family and love looking for gold or fortune in order to create a better life for loved ones, but missing out on the real gold which is always home in the first place.

The lyrics were written from experience. Kris actually has gold claims in the Sierra Nevada Mountain
Range! About the music: It starts with a siren. Then the bass and drums kick in almost interweaving their
rhythms like a helix. Catchy, positive melody with a sliding guitar melody underneath then it blasts
into a choppy, rock chorus.

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