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Hey You! is Die Hard Habits’ EP Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Die Hard Habits’ latest EP “Hey You!” delivers an electrifying punch that resonates with fans of powerful, intense rock music.

Hey You! is Die Hard Habits’ EP Out Now

From the opening notes, it’s evident that the band draws inspiration from the raw energy of the past while infusing a modern edge into their sound.

The solidity of the drums and the sweet dialogue with the bass provide a sturdy foundation for the band’s sound. Each element seems to complement the other, creating a dynamic backdrop against which the vocals take center stage.

The theatrical and passionate delivery of the singer adds intensity, drawing listeners into the emotional core of the music.

There’s a palpable sense of sweat and dedication that permeates their music, which shows the hours spent honing their craft.

In an era where technology often dominates the music landscape, Die Hard Habits don’t rely on computers and beats, opting instead for a more organic approach that highlights their musical talent.

“Arkansas,” is the song I like the most on their EP, offering a wild ride that taps into the primal essence of rock music. It’s a track that ignites the spirit and leaves listeners craving more. All the songs on the EP are cool anyway.

Die Hard Habits are here to stay, delivering cool music that entertains from start to finish.

Hey You! is Die Hard Habits’ EP Out Now!


Hey You! is Die Hard Habits’ EP Out Now

Paula Laubach – Bass, Andy Gonzalez – Guitar, Adam Price – Vocals, Susie Martinez – Drums

Die Hard Habits, is a post-punk band based in the vibrant music scene of Austin, Texas. Their music is a product of their independent spirit and a desire to challenge the norms. Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of post-punk while infusing their own restless creativity, they create a sound defined by angular guitar riffs, pulsating basslines, and propulsive rhythms that convey a sense of urgency. In their live performances, they aim to captivate audiences with their raw energy and a genuine connection to our music.


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