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High and Lows is The Birdman Cult’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Birdman Cult are back with a new single, “High and Lows,” and it hits you right out of the gate.

High and Lows is The Birdman Cult’s Single Out Now

The opening chord slaps you in the face… Wake up my friend The Birdman Cult is back!

What follows is a masterclass in rock songwriting. The chord progression is fantastic, each note is carefully placed to keep you hooked.

It’s like jumping on a high-speed train, hurtling through a sonic landscape that unfolds like a vivid dreamscape. The energy is infectious, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in the momentum.

The background vocals in the chorus deserve a special mention. They’re perfectly layered, adding a mesmerizing depth without overpowering the main melody.

They weave in and out, a constant presence that tickles the edges of your perception.

“High and Lows” is everything you could want in a rock song – it’s catchy, energetic, and expertly crafted.

The Birdman Cult have once again proven themselves to be a band to watch.

High and Lows is The Birdman Cult’s Single Out Now!


High and Lows is The Birdman Cult’s Single Out Now

Bristol alternative quintet Birdman Cult have been peddling their original blend of hook-heavy, Post-Punk Garage-rock since 2020. The band have previously self-released a slew of singles partnering with national pluggers and pr agencies which garnered praise from critics and crowds alike through radio and covid era gigging. The band are looking forward to 2024 and set to be a busy year for releases, collabs, and live touring.

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