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Hindsight is Kite Thief’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Kite Thief in the past but she is out now with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Another great song from this talented band.

The thing that always strikes me when I listen to their songs is the quality of the production and the great compositional ability of these guys.

The structure of their song is intricate with fascinating harmonic intuitions and above all with growing energy that keeps you glued to the speakers.

The voice of the singer is fantastic with its warm and sinuous timbre, enviable voice control, and a really noticeable precision in intonation.

The musicians of this band know their stuff and move confidently with riffs, rhythmic variations that demonstrate a great harmony between them.

I believe this band is ready for big stages around the world.

Hindsight is Kite Thief’s Single Out Now!

Energetic and Professional!


Quote: “Two fragile egos in a bubble full of tension ready to burst at any moment.  The wrong person at the wrong time, but we just can’t seem to stay away. Hindsight tells the tale of a toxic relationship, a turbulent partnership full of confusion and poison. Biting at each other’s tongues to spite ourselves – our time was equally full of lust and pain and we could never fully let go… In retrospect, there was no one person to blame and in hindsight, we were both as bad as each other.”

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