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History is Rye Catchers’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Rye Catchers in the past but this talented band is out now with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Are you ready for a journey through time?

This music transports you to the 80s and manages to make you fly with your imagination.

This Music gives you the right energy to face the problems of everyday life. I pictured myself walking the streets of New York in a brightly colored shoulder jacket ready to audition and conquer Broadway.

This music sets you off the Saturday night fever, even if the melody is a little nostalgic, it transfers positive vibes and makes you want to dance.

The production is excellent as usual, and the blend between the female and male voices is unqiue.
A very talented band that continues to amaze always composing beautiful songs.

History is Rye Catchers’ Single Out Now!

Vintage Vibes!


The Valiant Horizon music label proudly announces the release of the epic pop rock song “History” by Milwaukee-based band Rye Catchers. Whether breezing through infectious pop songs or going into EDM terrain as well as lo-fi territory, Rye Catchers is set to continue their impressive musical stylings in 2021 and beyond led by the band’s mastermind David McClintick Roberts.

Lunging full force into this year’s fall music scene, Rye Catchers unveil the fantastic “History” single – which blends a decidedly retro feel polished off with a very modern finish. “I’ve been accused of having a very ‘80s sound to my music, and I wanted to roll with that concept and create a tune that would be comfortable on a Top 40 station in that era,” explains Roberts. To accomplish this music mission, he brought in accomplished rock artist Ryan Whyte Maloney of NBC The Voice Season 6 and seasoned vocalist Nikki Simmons.

The resulting “History” is something that has a touch of Depeche Mode in the verse meshed with a sweeping Asia power hook for the chorus and all big ‘80s at heart. The very poppy and strong vocal performances of Maloney and Simmons married perfectly to complete that bigger-than-life pop rock sound that reigned decades ago and still thrives today. Along with Roberts as the primary for Rye Catchers, ‘History’ was co-produced by Maloney and seasoned music composer Ricardo Giarratana.

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