Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | History (Nikki Simmons Reprise) is Rye Catchers' Single Out Now
History (Nikki Simmons Reprise) is Rye Catchers’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Rye Catchers has returned with a new single, “History (Nikki Simmons Reprise),” from their album Mixed Messages… it’s another inspirational tune.

History (Nikki Simmons Reprise) is Rye Catchers’ Single Out Now

The groove instantly grabs you, pulling you into its intense, almost cinematic feel.

Nikki Simmons’ vocal delivery stands out, adding a futuristic sheen that elevates the song to another level. Her voice carries a sense of grandeur, complementing the intricate production.

David McClintick Roberts, the mastermind behind Rye Catchers, demonstrates his knack for collaboration throughout Mixed Messages.

The album is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a journey through various sounds, atmospheres and emotions, shaped by different vocalists and instrumental arrangements.

This diversity is particularly evident in the album’s structure, where you can hear also the alternate versions of the same song, showcasing how a change in vocal delivery can alter the entire mood and impact of a track.

“Incandescent” is a standout, evoking memories of Seal with its refined chord progressions. It’s a track that oozes sophistication, making it a memorable part of the album.

“UFO,” with its tribal rhythms, transports you to another world, almost like an anime adventure set in Japan. The rhythm is infectious, making it a track you’ll want to revisit.

“Never Look Down” channels a bit of Phil Collins, particularly in its airy arrangements and meticulous production. This song highlights Roberts’ compositional and production skills, creating a rich, layered experience that feels unique and fresh.

Overall, Mixed Messages is a testament to Roberts’ ability to create a cohesive yet varied musical experience. Each track offers something unique, tied together by a modern production style that is polished and dynamic.

History (Nikki Simmons Reprise) is Rye Catchers’ Single Out Now!



Valiant Horizon music label is excited about this full album ‘MIXED MESSAGES’, coming to us from the Wisconsin-based band, Rye Catchers.

About Rye Catchers
Rye Catchers is songwriter / producer David McClintick Roberts. Featuring a variety of genres and talented musicians, Rye Catchers brings you exciting music. With cool chords and breezy, yet meaningful lyrics, Rye Catchers crafts its work to be enjoyable listens with its own unique sound and brand. Discover more on IG, FB, YT: @ryecatchersmusic

About Valiant Horizon
Valiant Horizon is a U.S.-based brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia with a global agenda. As both a music label and production unit as well as communications organization, the company has a mission to deliver quality top-notch releases in electronica and pop as well as rock for the worldwide music community. Navigating through everything from daring progressive territory to upfront high energy, the Valiant Horizon music label seeks to probe and champion the compelling panorama of today’s dynamic music scene.

About Nikki Simmons
Nikki is a multi-genre session vocalist and voice actor whose work has appeared on video games, adverts, and numerous recording projects. She has a stratospheric vocal range that spans 3.5 octaves from B2 to G6!

About Timothy Lefebvre
Tim is an American bass guitarist. Both as a session musician and band member, he has worked with a wide range of musicians, including David Bowie, The Black Crowes, Elvis Costello, Sting and KNOWER.

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