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HOLD ON is Judy Granville’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Judy Granville in the past but this talented artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

HOLD ON is Judy Granville’s Single

The compositional style of this artist is so different from the usual that it always manages to amaze me.

The melodies that she conceives are truly enigmatic and hypnotic.

I’m already a fan of Judy Granville because I think this is the music to make. Most artists nowadays play already-heard music. Judy Granville instead tries to walk on virgin musical paths.

She tries to stimulate the listener with innovative harmonic and rhythmic choices. Her music has many influences that have been expertly mixed together and the result is a fantastic musical blend.

HOLD ON is accompanied by a cool video, the thing I liked the most is the little oversaturated patina that creates a fascinating halo, which goes well with the vibes of the song.

HOLD ON is Judy Granville’s Single Out Now!


HOLD ON is Judy Granville’s Single

Building on her previous track record, Judy Granville’s newly released single, HOLD ON, brings us a rock/dance rhythm that develops and builds to a final upbeat chorus. In timely fashion, the lyric was written to provide optimism in uncertain times: “Hold on / Don’t look down / We will all meet / We will come around.

Judy Granville is one of a rare breed of singer-songwriters who have begun performing and producing records in their sixties. Judy retired and moved to Brighton, following in the footsteps of many musicians who have made that city their home, and pretty soon she became inspired to take guitar lessons and bought a Fender electric guitar. What emerged was a prolific singer-songwriter.

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