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Hollow is IOTA’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Hailing from the alt-rock scene, IOTA crashes our speakers with their new single, “Hollow.”

Hollow is IOTA’s Single Out Now

The track hits you like an avalanche, drenched in the grimy, glorious sounds of 90s rock.

Grunge aficionados will find themselves right at home with the song’s distorted guitars and brooding atmosphere.

IOTA’s vocalist throws down a powerhouse performance, channelling Gwen Stefani’s (No Doubt) and Courtney Love’s raw energy.

Her delivery perfectly complements the song’s intensity, leaving no doubt about the emotional weight behind the lyrics.

Musically this song reminded me of the atmospheres of The Smashing Pumpkins.

The tight production ensures every instrument cuts through the mix, creating a dynamic musical universe that builds and releases tension with masterful precision.

The bridge of “Hollow” is a particular highlight. It starts with a slow burn, building anticipation before erupting into a full-blown sonic crescendo. This moment serves as a springboard, launching the song into a powerful finale.

“Hollow” is a potent dose of alternative rock that will leave you wanting more. This is a band to watch.

Hollow is IOTA’s Single Out Now!


Mustering up the tyrants of shoegaze, grunge’s past and echoing influences of early 00s and 90s rock, IOTA bare all with their raw and driving sound in Bristol’s DIY scene. Honed in their lock-away studio, their sound is owed to a heavily focused and collaborative writing process.

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