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Homesick is Mr Jazzing’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Mr Jazzing and his Ep Homesick.

Homesick is Mr Jazzing’s Ep Out Now

This music is hypnotic and mesmerizing.

As soon as I pressed the play button I let myself be carried away by these magical melodies.

Mr Jazzing‘s sound manages to speak directly to the listener’s subconscious and makes you discover the most hidden corners of yourself.

It is clear that we are dealing with a great producer. The attention to every minimum detail is obsessive and the result is a piece of intriguing music.

I suggest you to listen to Homesick with your eyes closed and imagine the memories of when you were children. Yellowed Polaroids will pass before your eyes awakening ancestral emotions.

I was touched by these songs… somehow they spoke to my heart.

The delicacy and nostalgia of these tunes left me speechless. More than an Ep Homesick by Mr Jazzing is an experience that I recommend to everyone to live.

Absolutely amazing!

Homesick is Mr Jazzing’s Ep Out Now!

Deep and Touching!

Homesick is Mr Jazzing’s Ep Out Now

Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist Jazz Dijk is a creative with a variety of different outcomes. Mr Jazzing homes his personal expressions of music in Lofi, Jazzhop, and anything else that sits well in the categories of beats, instrumentals and ambient.

“During the sessions in which we made Homesick, Jazz captured, in between naps, The abundance of feelings Alex experienced towards missing home in his dreams. After writing the basis of an EP, Jazz started producing it and Alex fell asleep. After a while Jazz woke him up to record the first lines of guitar over a fresh set of drums, bass and keys. He improvised his first line and Jazz got to processing them. Alex on the other hand fell asleep again. Every time Alex woke up, he would record a line or two. While Jazz was processing them, Alex fell asleep again. Through this cycle of dreams, Homesick EP, came into being. This music reconnects us with our roots and upbringing, an important vibration to be exposed.”

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