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Hook Release A New Music Video For Single, “Best Days”

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Hook in the past but they just released the new video for the single “Best Days” and I want to share my opinion about it.

Best Days is Hook’s Single and Video

I really liked Hook’s video accompanying their new single Best Days, a simple but sincere and direct video.

A journey through the streets of Dublin without a specific destination. One of those days when you want to disappear in the city and maybe you have drunk a little too much to try to forget your problems.

The effects used to color the frames manage to create nostalgia and make the general look a bit vintage… a video about a day that is coming to an end.

I really liked those red and green outlines that pop up over the images like when you watch 3d movies without 3d glasses.

Hooks with this simple video have managed to transfer many emotions this shows you that when something is done with the heart, you don’t need millionaire productions to achieve a good result.

Best Days is Hook’s Single and Video Out Now!

Cool Video!

Best Days is Hook’s Single and Video

Hook’s latest single “Best Days” now has an accompanying music video. Shot and edited by the band. It includes slow shots of Dublin through a disorientating filter. The view is from the eyes of someone wandering the city at night; confused, lost, lonely. The band tried to compliment the song’s message of going through difficult and complicated emotions.

Hook are a 3-piece based in Dublin, Ireland featuring Eoin O’Donnell – vocals, guitars; Morgan O’Brien – drums; Danny Spelman – bass, vocals.

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