Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Hoping For The Best is Soda Cracker Jesus' Single Out Now
Hoping For The Best is Soda Cracker Jesus’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Soda Cracker Jesus is back with a new cool single and I want to my thoughts about it.

This artist never ceases to amaze. His sound is contagious and he manages to awaken your wildest rock spirit.

While listening to the new single Hoping For The Best I raised my arm with the horns pointing to the sky. An epic energetic ride that rests for a moment towards the end before giving way to the guitar solo.

The rhythm is pressing, the emotions are strong and the song is impeccably structured.

The passion that Soda Cracker Jesus into composing and interpreting his songs is contagious and you realize that you are dealing with a highly experienced songwriter who always manages to have the right intuition to make a professional musical product.

Fantastic as usual.

Hoping For The Best is Soda Cracker Jesus’ Single Out Now!

Energetic and Electric!


Regan Lane has been a mainstay in the Northwest music scene for a number of years. In a land and time long ago, Lane was a core member of the legendary Tacoma punk band Baby Knockors and then made numerous records with popular rockers Strypes in between their tours of Japan.

Currently, besides Soda Cracker Jesus, Lane is the frontman /ringmaster for Psych-rockers Strangely Alright and their Eclectic Traveling Minstrel Magic Music Medicine Show.

Regan is getting ready to go into the studio and produce the punk rock band Hot-Step Mom, which also includes his 13 year old daughter Sophia! He recently arranged and produced the song Will I Ever Find Love for prog-rockers Grieve The Astronaut that went to #1 on the Music Mafia Top 30 and helped produce the new album Butterfly Hand Grenade for up-and-coming rockers Stargazy Pie. Regan is also an active mentor in the successful Ted Brown Music Program, helping aspiring northwest musicians to hone their craft.

Regan was also the creator and host of an interview-style TV show, Strangely Alright TV, and the co-writer of a theme song for the True Fidelity radio show.

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