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Horror movie “Terrifier 2” is a candidate for the Oscars

Bl“Terrifier 2” has been officially submitted to the Oscars. The news is spreading after confirmation of the distributor Bloody Disgusting.

This Horror movie is obtaining great success. At the US Box Office, it has gained $9,9 million in its first 2 weeks of programming. In its opening weekend, it has reached an incredible amount of $5.3 million.

Horror movie “Terrifier 2” is a candidate for the Oscars

There is no doubt that “Terrifier 2” is a terribly disgusting movie. During the screning, some people someone vomited and passed out. In some cases, it was necessary to call an ambulance to assist them.

The film is based on the matters of Art the Clown. After being resurrected by a sinister entity, he returns to Miles County to hunt down a girl and her brother on Halloween night. From that moment, several crimes will occur in the town. Having discovered the true nature of the clown, the two brothers will have to fight to stay alive.

Even the film distributor thinks that “Terrifier 2” will never win any Oscar. The co-founder Brad Miska admitted that the nomination is complete nonsense. For him it was a great suriprise that the members of the Academy are considering such a creepy movie. It is a tremendous opportunity and he will not give up. The distributor has also created an Oscar reveal trailer.

Don’t watch it. Blood will inundate you!!!!!

Horror movie “Terrifier 2” is a candidate for the Oscars

Are you a fan of the movie? Participate in the Oscars campaign for supporting “Terrifier 2”. Tag @TheAcademy on Twitter with the hashtag #OscarsForArt.

Do you know? The movie could have been even more disgusting! Director Damien Leone revealed that the production decided to stop the sequel of a scene. After Art the Clown cut off the boy’s penis, he could have made an animal out of it in the shape of a balloon, or something like that.

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