Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | House With A Cemetery Bar And Coffin In The Living Room Is Now Up For Sale
House With A Cemetery Bar And Coffin In The Living Room Is Now Up For Sale

There is a truly horror-inspired home ready for you, so, if you are searching for a personal property that comes with a coffin in the living room, mirrors and black gothic crosses around the bed, and an outdoor bar made with actual cemetery gates and headstones, don’t search anymore because you just found it.

This one-bedroom and one-bathroom residence on Townsend Avenue, Brooklyn Park in Baltimore is listed online for $225,000.

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House With A Cemetery Bar And Coffin3

House With A Cemetery Bar And Coffin4

A themed house for gothic and vampire lovers, a house that looks more like an amusement park inspired by the macabre version of Harry Potter than a real house to live in.
But as they say, “the world is beautiful because it is made up of many different ways of thinking and the love for beauty is subjective“.

What is beauty?
For some a painting by Michelangelo, for others the latest model of an Iphone, and for others a beautiful bat hanging from the ceiling. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you like, if you don’t hurt anyone, you have the right to do whatever you want with your life.

House With A Cemetery Bar And Coffin1

This is what the owner of the house thought and in my opinion, he had a brilliant idea as he came up with something different able to attract a lot of attention and that will probably help the sale too.

Marketing is often more important than the product itself.

Sometimes going a little beyond the limit can also bring excellent results and obviously, we wish to our eccentric character to sell, as soon as possible, his cemetery… oops sorry I meant home 🙂

I imagine the feeling of going to sleep in this house on a full moon night … surely in my nightmares or dreams, werewolves and Zombies would come to me.

Since I am a big fan of The Walking Dead and Teen Wolf I might be interested in this property myself… when your band is called Edgar Allan Poets, these twilight atmospheres are your daily bread.

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