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How Long Until Dawn? is Prince of Sweden’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
“How Long Until Dawn” by Prince of Sweden is a masterfully crafted ballad that transcends the boundaries of mere music.

How Long Until Dawn? is Prince of Sweden’s Single Out Now

The opening chords, with their bright yet crisp character, evoke the image of a winter sunset, its light fading but leaving a profound beauty in its wake.

Prince of Sweden emerges as a true poet here, weaving lyrics that delve deep into the human soul. The melody and meter instantly bring to mind the evocative compositional style of Hozier.

This is an intense ballad, stripped down to its bare essentials. The minimalist arrangements ensure that the words take center stage, their emotional weight hitting the listener directly.

“How Long Until Dawn” has the power to elevate your spirit, leaving you with the undeniable feeling of experiencing art at its finest.

The song takes a particularly interesting turn around the 3.30 mark. A slow crescendo builds, culminating in a surge of energy that ushers you towards the outro.

This shift beautifully captures the emotional journey of the song, perfectly mirroring the ebb and flow of human experience.

Overall, “How Long Until Dawn” is another masterpiece from Prince of Sweden, a gem that I suggest to everyone.

How Long Until Dawn? is Prince of Sweden’s Single Out Now!


How Long Until Dawn? is Prince of Sweden’s Single Out Now

After his last EP, “Kicking out Time”, was released, Prince of Sweden was featured in Clash magazine and, according to one reviewer, his lyrics and songwriting are “second to none in terms of the UK scene right now.”

Brought up in the country, he learned guitar from the guy with the farm opposite his house. In his early twenties, he moved to South London and has been consistently playing shows and releasing music ever since.

“With a voice capable of speaking directly to the soul”, Prince of Sweden deals in timeless-songwriting and poetic lyricism, over an experimental, post rock sound.

2024 sees the release of his first full-length album, “Beneath the Big Top.”

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