Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Human Remains is Nobody's Wolf Child's Single Out Now
Human Remains is Nobody’s Wolf Child’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Nobody’s Wolf Child will entertain us again with this superb piece of music.

Human Remains is Nobody’s Wolf Child’s Single Out Now

This new song is epic and intense.

I immediately liked the solid and heavy rhythmic cadence with the drums that sounds like a blacksmith beating on the anvil.

Nobody’s Wolf Child’s vocals hypnotized me and the backing vocals support the main vocal line adding sinister undertones which create an aura of mystery around this song.

The video that accompanies the song is also fantastic. Made with artificial intelligence it manages to describe the twilight vibes of this song.

The thing I like most about Nobody’s Wolf Child is that even if her music seems very nostalgic at first glance, I can feel a veil of hope.

When the artistic vision is so coherent and solid the real art exudes from the notes inspiring the listener.

10 out of 10!

Human Remains is Nobody’s Wolf Child’s Single Out Now!


Human Remains is Nobody’s Wolf Child’s Single Out Now

With a departure from the previous cinematic and atmospheric productions, Nobody’s Wolf Child takes a bolder, more aggressive approach in “Human Remains.” The song delves into the realm of hard-hitting soundscapes, appealing to fans of industrial, dark wave, and hard rock genres whilst retaining her signature sweeping vocals and epic sound.

“Human Remains” serves as the debut of the Wolf Comanche, one of the nine wolves that walk in the shadows alongside the Wolf Child. A figure of stoic wisdom and justice, the track embodies a sense of observation and dismay as he witnesses humanity embroiled in its own internal conflicts. Like a disturbed and maddened wolf, Humanity maims itself, blinded to the
truth and deaf to its own destruction.

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