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I Believe In Noise is Movment’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the sprawling expanse of today’s musical landscape, where conformity often reigns supreme, a clandestine movement emerges from the shadows.

I Believe In Noise is Movment’s Single Out Now

Movment, with their latest single “I Believe In Noise,” shatters the monotony with a rhythmic cadence that’s as relentless as it is enchanting.

With a nod to the grandeur of 80s rock, this sonic expedition catapults the listener into a psychedelic and experimental dreamscape, where hypnotic guitar riffs and lyrical repetitions cast a spell as potent as a cobra’s gaze upon its master.

The propulsive beat is the heartbeat of rebellion, a call to arms for anyone weary of the mundane. It’s the kind of rhythm that seizes you by the collar and compels you to move, to lose yourself in the pulsating energy of the music.

The guitar riff, with its recurring motifs, is a sonic mantra that lures you into a trance. It’s a relentless, hypnotic loop that feels like an incantation, inviting you to surrender to the music’s spell.

This sonic offering from Movment is more than a mere song; it’s a call to embrace the avant-garde, and a testament to the band’s unique style.

It’s an auditory odyssey that sweeps you up in its relentless energy and leaves you breathless in its wake.

“I Believe In Noise” is an hypnotic journey into the heart of sonic experimentation, an enigmatic testament to the power of sound to captivate, challenge, and ultimately, set you free.

I Believe In Noise is Movment’s Single Out Now!


I Believe In Noise is Movment’s Single Out Now

The song was recorded in End of Light Studios, Mullingar, and Grouse Lodge, Mullingar, Ireland & mixed by Alex Borwick, and mastered by Jerome Schmitt at The Airlab. Artwork & Photography by UVRay.

The song is about the impact of sound, music and noise in our body’s existence and how they affect our moods and direction in life. It is a feeling. We should go by what we feel. Learn from what we see and hear. It is part of who we are. It is Power. We are obsessed with music, and find noise and sound uplifting and spiritual. Music is a means of expressing our ideas and thoughts It is a powerful force. It is Power. I Believe in Noise!

MOVMENT will release a new Album REINVENTION in November 2023

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