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I Don’t Believe in You is Brian Lambert’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Brian Lambert and his album I Don’t Believe in You.

I Don’t Believe in You is Brian Lambert’ Single Out Now

Today we find ourselves in front of a very interesting artist.

I had never heard the original song by Jr Moz Collective and so I went to listen to it. It’s very interesting to see the differences between the version Brian produced with the band and his own interpretation.

The thing that immediately caught my eye is the sound. Jr Moz Collective’s version is more modern while Brian Lambert’s version winks at the past, at the 80s in my opinion.

In addition, Brian Lambert’s vocal timbre stands out more from the mix and manages to give greater intensity to the whole piece.

Surely we are dealing with an artist with a great compositional experience behind him who demonstrates a mature and solid artistic vision

I Don’t Believe in You is a beautiful rock song that reminded me of the songwriting style of artists like John Mellencamp.

I suggest everyone to go and listen to Brian Lambert’s music you will be surprised by the quality of his music.

I Don’t Believe in You is Brian Lambert’ Single Out Now!

Pure Intense Rock!

Brian Lambert is the Friendly Neighborhood Rock and Roller, a musician whose music embodies the very essence of feel-good rock with substance. Residing in Denton, Texas, Brian’s music captures the heart and soul of the Lone Star State with every note he plays.

But his music is not just limited to Texas. Brian’s sound is a fusion of rock from the 80’s and 90’s with a modern twist, making it feel both timeless and contemporary. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to dance and sing along, while also making you pause and reflect on life’s deeper meanings.

One of Brian’s most notable achievements is The 52 Week Music Production Challenge, in which he released a fully produced song every week for an entire year. This project showcased not only his immense talent as a songwriter and musician, but also his commitment to the craft of music-making.

In addition to his solo work, Brian also produces other artists such as the Jr Moz Collective, a group of talented musicians who share his passion for making music that connects with people on a deeper level.

But Brian’s musical talents don’t stop there. He is also the lead singer in alt rock band The Star Crumbles, a group whose sound is modern with roots in 80’s new wave. With Brian’s powerful vocals and the band’s infectious energy, The Star Crumbles have become a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

With his magnetic stage presence and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Brian Lambert is a musician to watch. Whether he’s performing solo or with his bandmates, his music has the power to uplift and inspire, making him a true rock and roll hero for the modern age.

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