Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | I in Power is pMad's Album Out Now
I in Power is pMad’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
pMad solidifies his signature sound with the release of “I in Power,” an album that’s a powerful statement and a thrilling exploration of diverse influences.

I in Power is pMad’s Album Out Now

The record opens with a bang on “Confession.” Deep lyrics and soaring choirs evoke a national anthem, setting a tone of epic grandeur.

This introduction hints at the album’s willingness to tackle weighty themes with a dramatic flourish.

“Down” takes a sharp turn, showcasing clear Rammstein influences. The rhythmic delivery and lyrical cadence are reminiscent of the German industrial metal titans, but pMad injects a unique flavor with captivating Arabic-tinged guitar riffs. This fusion creates a truly intriguing soundscape.

The album reaches a fantastic peak with “Electric,” a track that lives up to its name. Hypnotic and infectious, it’s a clear frontrunner for album favorites.

On the other end of the spectrum lies “Opinion,” a more introspective piece that allows us to glimpse a softer, more personal side of pMad.

The closing track, “Sword,” brings the album full circle with its powerful energy. Industrial elements mix with a dystopian Mad Max vibe, creating a contagious and fitting conclusion.

“I in Power” is a genre-bending rollercoaster ride. pMad expertly navigates the spectrum between darkness and introspection.

This album shows pMad’s artistic growth and his ability to deliver a truly engaging listening experience.

I in Power is pMad’s Album Out Now!


I in Power is pMad’s Album Out Now

pMad is a Post-Punk, Gothic Indie Rock solo music project by Paul Dillon based in Portumna, Galway, Ireland.
With influences ranging from The The to Rammstein, pMad’s music combines darkwave post-punk and metal indie rock. The brand new album ‘I in Power’ showcases pMad’s captivating sound while addressing themes of self-survival, personal growth and global concerns like the Climate Crisis.

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