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I Only Dream When I’m Awake is Olya Sonica’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Olya Sonica’s latest single, “I Only Dream When I’m Awake,” is a mesmerizing journey into the depths of alternative rock.

I Only Dream When I’m Awake is Olya Sonica’s Single Out Now

With a voice that reaches into the soul of the listener, Sonica captivates from the first note to the final chord, delivering an intensity that is truly out of the ordinary.

The deep resonance of Sonica’s draws listeners into a world where raw emotions collide. The song unfolds as an intense ballad, reminiscent of the golden era of 90s alternative rock, yet bearing a unique contemporary flair.

My favourite part is the unforgettable chorus. With infectious melodies and a nostalgic vibe, the chorus lingers in the mind long after the song has ended.

Around the 2:25 mark, the song takes an unexpected turn, stripping back its layers to reveal a raw vulnerability. This moment of emptiness serves as a powerful contrast to the intensity that precedes it, setting the stage for the grand finale that follows.

As the song reaches its conclusion, Sonica’s voice takes center stage, accompanied only by the gentle strumming of a guitar. It’s a hauntingly beautiful moment that makes you want to click play again.

With its intoxicating blend of soul-stirring vocals, distorted guitars, and evocative lyrics, Sonica invites listeners on a journey through the depths of human emotion.

I Only Dream When I’m Awake is Olya Sonica’s Single Out Now!

Wild and Free!

I Only Dream When I’m Awake is Olya Sonica’s Single Out Now

This song is for the dreamers and the makers & doers of dreams.
It’s about a divine force within us and choices we make – it’s either stay on a path of resistance and manufactured reality or create your own.
The song is both nostalgic & hopeful, with epic choruses & mystical verses that whisper what you already know deep down.

OLYA SONICA came to New York City 12 years ago with a backpack and a dream of making music and being free.

Speaking her truth into her songs she’s reviving the spirit of rock by honoring the classic foundation with a fresh vibe.

A classically trained pianist and a self-taught guitarist she weaves her unique harmonies into the groove of rock’n’roll crowning the songs with her one-of-a-kind voice.

Having lived in both New York and LA, Olya has played with some of the best musicians both coasts have to offer and has also toured nationally & overseas. She is now launching her solo career, filled with powerful female-fronted rock anthems for a new generation.

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