Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | I Saw You in My Dream is The Art of the Sun's Single Out Now
I Saw You in My Dream is The Art of the Sun’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Art of the Sun is a musical project that consistently possesses the power to send shivers down my spine.

I Saw You in My Dream is The Art of the Sun’s Single Out Now

With each composition, this artist manages to tap into the listener’s imagination, sparking a cascade of images that feel almost ancestral.

The deft use of electronic elements, including arpeggiators and repetitive patterns is outstanding. These elements serve as a catalyst for a musical meditation, guiding the listener into a deeply introspective journey.

The music created here has the remarkable ability to not only stimulate the mind but also offer a sense of rejuvenation. When you immerse yourself in The Art of the Sun, it’s as if you’re giving your brain a soothing and therapeutic massage.

The sounds and atmospheres crafted are not just harmless but inherently inspiring. Each note, each electronic pulse, and each ambient texture serve to uplift the spirit and create a sense of inner peace.

It’s a reminder of the healing power of music, the way it can transport us to a place of serenity and creativity.

For those who seek a respite from the chaos of the world and wish to engage in a musical voyage that nourishes the soul, The Art of the Sun provides the perfect soundtrack.

This artist continues to lead us on incredible musical adventures, and each one is an invitation to explore the boundless realms of the imagination.

I Saw You in My Dream is The Art of the Sun’s Single Out Now!


Life is The Art of the Sun’s Single Out Now

‘I Saw You In My Dream’ blends traditional and modern elements with a focus on environmental awareness and deep emotions. It’s the opening piece for ‘Imaginary Journeys – Part III,’ a highly innovative section. Its core is a story – a musical representation of a profound dream where I saw the faces of my future daughters before they were born. This is an experiment that spans genres, aiming to be a symbolic exploration of premonition.

I am ‘The Art of the Sun,’ an independent artist, composer, and musician, and I have produced an album titled ‘Imaginary Journeys,’ set to be released on December 8, 2023.

The album is built around the concept of a musical frieze divided into four parts, reflecting the various stages of my musical journey and exploring diverse styles, ranging from synth-rock, electro-funk, world music, neo-classical, and delving into the realms of electronic music…and more!

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