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I Still See You is Filip Dahl’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Filip Dahl’s single “I Still See You” is a poignant and emotionally charged ballad that has the power to move even the most stoic hearts.

I Still See You is Filip Dahl’s Single Out Now

This song is a nostalgic journey through distant memories that are slowly fading away, leaving behind a bittersweet longing.

The lyrical theme of the song, which reflects on the beauty of moments shared with loved ones that linger in our hearts, is deeply touching.

It’s a reminder that even as time passes, these cherished memories remain etched in our souls, creating an enduring connection.

The accompanying video, perfectly complements the song’s sentiment. It reinforces the idea that these moments may be gone, but they are never truly lost, as they continue to exist in our hearts and minds.

Musically, “I Still See You” carries echoes of Scorpions’ emotive ballads. The song’s melody gradually builds, creating a crescendo of emotion that tugs at the heartstrings.

Filip Dahl’s vocal delivery is sincere and heartfelt, adding an authentic touch to the song’s emotional depth and the final solo is fantastic.

Filip Dahl has crafted a touching and beautiful ballad that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

I Still See You is Filip Dahl’s Single Out Now!


I Still See You is Filip Dahl’s Single Out Now

Filip Dahl is on a constantly developing musical journey, and his latest release along it is “I Still See You”. The thoughts that sparked this song was that he felt that years seems to be passing by in an increasingly rapid pace as we are growing older, and that we cannot stop the time and draw a final line just to prevent this from happening.

He was due to this, suddenly feeling that his happy childhood and all the precious memories of stunning moments with his dear ancestors were starting to feel as being so long ago, and it became a clear motivation and inspiration for him to write and record “I Still See You”. This song is hence dedicated to these unforgettable moments in his life and to all those who have left us behind with such dear and precious memories.

The music video of this track is meant to bring you along on a journey back to some of those memories as it includes old photos from his childhood in the early 60’s, and also from the early years as a lead guitarist in various Norwegian bands during the 70s.

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