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I Wonder is Fat Cat Affair’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Fat Cat Affair and his single I Wonder.

I Wonder is Fat Cat Affair’s Single Out Now

I was very impressed by the music proposed by this artist.

A refined sound that shows that we are in front of great musicians. The first artist who came to my mind while listening to this beautiful song is Ben Harper.

The musical vibes remember the gospels and seem to give hope. Lyrics instead tell a sad story. The troubled love story between Olivia and Nicoli … perhaps an impossible love that led to the depression and death of Olivia.

Music is also this… telling us these moving stories shows us how love can be beautiful and cruel at the same time.

Fat Cat Affair is a talented producer and artist and the collaboration with Costie Payne is particularly successful as both had shared the stage with Olivia.

Quality music with a deep message. Go listen to the I Wonder you will be surprised by this song.

I Wonder is Fat Cat Affair’s Single Out Now!

Delicate and Refined!

I Wonder is Fat Cat Affair’s Single Out Now

There is a legend in Europe, on the streets of the great cities. The name is whispered in the alleyways, talked about in the artist quarters and spreads like wildfire whenever he plays. Fat Cat is in town! Fusing RnB flavours with pop and funk undertones, Fat Cat is one of those rare felines that everyone wants to work with. A multi-instrumental, multi-genre, funktastical cat-beat monster! Many have said that his skills come from his friendly nature and his love for people whilst others say it is because music is in his blood.

Fat Cat’s reputation has drawn interest from a thousand directions as his new project brings together a company of talented singers, musicians and producers as they work toward a collective vision called Moon Songs. He continues to be an enigma as he invites the world to come meowl with him!

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