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If Memories Had Eyes is Darià Artiola’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Darià Artiola’s latest album, “If Memories Had Eyes,” is indeed a charming musical journey through the realms of memory and emotion.

If Memories Had Eyes is Darià Artiola’s Single Out Now

From the title alone, it’s evident that Artiola intends to delve deep into the essence of what memories mean to us as individuals, and how they shape our identities.

Memories are the fabric of who we are, as Artiola said “Memories make us who we are”, and the artist masterfully translates this sentiment into his music.

Each track feels like a chapter in a larger narrative, where real-life experiences are distilled into deep lyrics and melodies that tug at the heartstrings.

The influence of artists like Bowie and Reed is palpable in Artiola’s compositional style, yet he manages to infuse a modern freshness while also nodding to the nostalgic halo of the 80s.

This fusion of past and present creates an intriguing musical limbo that invites listeners to immerse themselves fully.

“What is Real” exudes ethereal vibes, drawing listeners into its atmospheric embrace, while “This Place” surprises with this a capella interpretation, showcasing Artiola’s versatility and willingness to experiment.

“Innocent Situation,” with its pressing rhythm, adds a dynamic edge to the album, ensuring that each track offers something unique while maintaining a cohesive whole.

This is a solid and intense album, a gem that deserves to be known by the masses.

If Memories Had Eyes is Darià Artiola’s Single Out Now!


If Memories Had Eyes is Darià Artiola’s Single Out Now

The album provokes us to think about the relationship we have with our memories and their direct tie to our very identity. Memories make us who we are; they are directly tied to our identity in some form or another. Every memory is loaded with stories and these experiences bring us to a unique and special present; a present as a consequence of a past. The time that passes through us, shapes us and transforms us. Time. The time that passes and the time that sometimes slips away like sand through our hands. The time we would like to have back, and the time we never want to end.

The album was produced by IK Miranda at IK Studio in Barcelona. It’s performed by Albert Aran (drums), Antonio Rubio (guitars), Adrià Pastor (bass), IK Miranda (synth & guitars), and Darià Artiola (vocals & guitars). The album art was done by Antonio Rubio, while the artwork for the singles, Dimonis and This Ain’t Hollywood, were done by Albert Aran.

Darià was raised with the iconic views of the Sonoran desert on the horizon, but with the Mediterranean Sea fundamentally in his heart. The environment of Tucson, AZ shaped him, and his participation in the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus helped him discover the world of music that he loves to the core. He expresses himself singing and illustrates the reality that surrounds him with his voice.

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