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II is Intaglio’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Intaglio in the past but they are out now with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Intaglio’s masterpiece has just landed on this earth.

This band think in a futuristic way and offers an absolutely incredible album. An album that has experimentation as its main theme.

The ability to mix musical genres and make them coexist in a perfect balance is in my opinion the strong point of this band.

Each song has its own particularity and you go from screams and ancestral sounds to more powerful and epic moments.

The melodic construction is articulated and intriguing, an incredible sonic journey that cannot be understood at first listening.

An album to be listened to several times with your eyes closed so as not to be distracted in order to fully enter the sound world built for us by Intaglio.

A gem that I recommend everyone to listen to.

II is Intaglio’s Album Out Now!



Quote: “The album can be described as a “doom opera” and will not only amaze old fans of the band but should also interest new listeners with the contributions Intaglio has made to the development of the style.
A large form was used on “II”, which is exceedingly rare in metal and rock music.

Only live instruments were used in the recording, including classical ones such as cello and upright bass, and professional vocalists with voices varying from basso profundo to soprano have created a unique palette of sounds.

The album is a conceptual work with compositions and lyrics united as a single large piece, and for the full experience should be listened to from beginning to end in order to completely immerse the listener into its atmosphere.”

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