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I’ll Be There is Chandra’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Chandra returns with another powerful single, “I’ll Be There,” solidifying his position as a master of blending modern sounds with nostalgic influences.

I’ll Be There is Chandra’s Single Out Now

This track pulsates with energy, weaving together 80s vibes and driving hard rock guitars for a time-traveling musical experience.

While comparisons are inevitable, the fleeting Ghost hints never overshadow Chandra’s unique identity.

The arrangements truly shine. Impeccably produced, they create a dynamic musical universe that shifts effortlessly between soaring choruses and gritty verses.

Chandra’s vocals take center stage, passionate and almost theatrical in their delivery. This theatricality, coupled with the ethereal and angelic vibes, imbues the song with a captivating charm.

“I’ll Be There” doesn’t just sound good, it makes you feel good. Even if the lyrics are deep and speak about the hard times we are living in while listening to this tune I feel hope for the future.

The uplifting melody and captivating rhythm lift your soul, while the intricate chord progressions showcase Chandra’s songwriting skills.

The dynamic shifts keep the listener engaged, never allowing the energy to stagnate.

“I’ll Be There” is a strong offering from Chandra, and once again I’m surprised by his talent for crafting infectious and dynamic music.

I’ll Be There is Chandra’s Single Out Now!


I’ll Be There is a rallying cry to all the people who want to do something good for the world but feel powerless to act… too small to make a difference. In a time when the news of the world seems to become worse with every passing day it’s easy to become overwhelmed and despondent. I’ll Be There reminds us that the solutions to many of our problems start at home, with simple acts of friendship, love and kindness. We CAN do this.

Chandra is a bold and exciting singer-songwriter from Bristol, UK, forging unique guitar pop with an uplifting, positive message and intimate lyrical prowess. With one music blogger tagging Chandra as having “an insanely strong voice with a beautiful timbre,” this artist will certainly be known for his vocal prowess, with his vocal-forward style carrying his lyrical messages to the forefront.

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