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I’m A Man is Gary Dranow’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Gary Dranow’s new single “I’m A Man” is an infectious slice of roots blues that transports you to the smoky depths of a New Orleans dive bar, where the aroma of rum mingles with the soulful strains of a blues band.

I’m A Man is Gary Dranow’s New Single

The song’s infectious rhythm and raw, heartfelt vocals instantly set the tone, drawing listeners into a world of gritty authenticity.

The vocals are dripping with emotion, conveying a sense of resilience and determination that resonate deeply with the listener.

The singer’s impassioned delivery is complemented by the band’s tight and powerful instrumentation, which perfectly captures the essence of classic blues.

The song’s production is masterful, capturing the raw energy of a live performance while maintaining a modern edge. The mix is clear and balanced, allowing each instrument to shine through, while the overall sound is warm and inviting.

Listening to “I’m A Man” is an immersive experience that transports you to the heart of New Orleans blues.

The song’s contagious rhythm and raw emotion will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time. It’s a must-listen for fans of blues music and anyone who appreciates a truly authentic and soulful performance.

I’m A Man is Gary Dranow’s New Single!

Pure and Real!

“This is a down and dirty blues tune with a great Blues Harp section. The harp was played by Joel Marshall out of the UK. This will be the only blues tune on our new album Never Give Up”

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