Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | I'm Getting Off (Cover) is ALIA's Single Out Now
I’m Getting Off (Cover) is ALIA’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
ALIA, in their rendition of Steven Young’s “I’m Getting Off,” has not just covered a song; they embarked on a visceral exploration, leaving listeners with an emotional journey that rivals the intensity of Sinéad O’Connor’s a capella performances.

I’m Getting Off (Cover) is ALIA’s Single Out Now

From the very first note, ALIA’s interpretation invokes goosebumps, setting the stage for a musical experience that transcends boundaries.

Much like O’Connor’s haunting a capella renditions, ALIA’s voice possesses a raw power that reaches deep into the soul.

The intensity and refinement in their delivery draw a parallel to the emotional impact felt when O’Connor pours her heart into a song.

“I’m Getting Off” becomes a canvas for ALIA’s emotional artistry, and shows their ability to connect with the listener on a profound level.

The song’s depth is accentuated by its minimal arrangements, allowing ALIA’s vocals to take center stage.

The clarity of the reverberated guitar adds a touch of magic to the composition, creating an atmosphere that is enchanting and poignant.

Yet, within this enchantment lies a paradox—the guitar, like a finely honed blade, opens a portal to the listener’s soul, inviting a torrent of emotions to flow.

ALIA emerges as a rare gem in the musical universe, delivering a performance that is as fantastic as it is difficult to find.

Their interpretation of “I’m Getting Off” showcases an artist who not only understands the nuances of the song but also possesses the skill to convey its profound meaning with every note.

The beauty of the song lies not just in its melody but in the emotional bleeding it evokes.

I’m Getting Off (Cover) is ALIA’s Single Out Now!

Magical Soul!

ALIA’s story as a solo artist rests on a unique relationship with Steven Young (a.k.a Mr Nobody) for over a year they’ve merged an unmatched “brotherly” bond, with Steven’s help in producing and engineering ALIA’s first release “Soho Sessions . Side A”, he’d written a song called “I’m Getting Off” when he was 16, which he himself has released under his own name. However, he then shared this song with ALIA sensing it would be in line with the wishes of their message and life story, for the artist they entail to be, & for them to cover in their artistic way.
The hidden reason behind the date of release, Christmas, it is one of the toughest times for people (due to numerous circumstances) and this being the healing song intended, ALIA hopes this comes of use to someone out there struggling with whatever they may be facing in this current climate.

As an emerging artist and nonconformist, ALIA has delved deep into finding their place in music, while sustaining an unvarnished free-spirited touch in their sound and lyrics. Their odyssey from a young girl to a queer, androgynous, non-binary musician has inspired their music.

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