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Immortal Jellyfish is Herman Martinez’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Herman Martinez’s album, “Immortal Jellyfish,” is a breathtaking journey into a musical reality where boundaries blur and genres intermingle with masterful finesse.

Immortal Jellyfish is Herman Martinez’s Album Out Now

 Martinez proves himself to be not just an artist, but a visionary, boldly forging ahead on an innovative path guided by instinct and creativity.

What immediately strikes the listener is the seamless fusion of diverse genres within Martinez’s music. Prog, rock, and avant-garde elements converge, each contributing to an intricate and epic sonic landscape.

It’s as if iconic bands and artists like Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, and Pink Floyd and David Bowie have converged in a time warp, reemerging in a future where their sounds blend harmoniously.

“Pink Floyd and Dinosaurs” clearly shows Martinez’s musical universe. This track encapsulates the album’s essence, unfolding with challenging chord progressions that demand attention from start to finish.

Martinez’s vocal delivery, accompanied by captivating choirs, further accentuates his brilliant artistic intuition. It’s a favorite among favorites, showcasing the album’s depth and complexity.

I especially felt Bowie’s vibes in the tune “One Hit Wander” that for some reason reminded me of Space Oddity

Listening to “Immortal Jellyfish” is akin to savoring a glass of aged whiskey, best enjoyed in small sips to fully appreciate its nuances.

Martinez’s virtuosity shines through as he effortlessly plays all the instruments with masterful precision earning him instant admiration from listeners like myself.

Immortal Jellyfish is Herman Martinez’s Album Out Now!


This is Immortal Jellyfish and it exists in the spaces between other albums. These songs are living things using us to hear themselves. It’s here to pull the music from the rocks and trees and smudge the silence. Listen and age in all directions at once.

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