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In My Dreams is Gianfranco GFN’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Gianfranco GFN’s new single, “In My Dreams,” showcases again the artist’s refined compositional style with a cool and captivating tune.

In My Dreams is Gianfranco GFN’s Single Out Now

The track blends funk, soul, and rock influences, evoking reminiscences of musical legends like Prince.

From the very beginning, the pressing rhythm and catchy vibes grab the listener’s attention.

Gianfranco GFN demonstrates a masterful command of sound, putting together layers of instrumentation to create a lush sonic landscape.

Each element is carefully chosen to enhance the overall beauty of the song, contributing to its immersive listening experience.

Despite the upbeat and infectious melodies, “In My Dreams” delves into a deeper thematic exploration. The lyrics tell the story of a man who finds solace in his dreams, escaping the harsh realities of life.

It’s a poignant reminder of the human tendency to seek refuge in alternate realities when faced with adversity.

Despite the melancholic undertones of the narrative, the song’s quality and uplifting melodies have a transformative effect, leaving the listener in a positive mood.

With its irresistible blend of genres, expertly crafted arrangements, and thought-provoking lyrics, it’s a song that resonates on multiple levels.

In My Dreams is Gianfranco GFN’s Single Out Now!


In My Dreams is a song about a man who wants a woman who doesn’t seem to be interested in him. So he dreams that if he were a star, if he had money and a nice car, women would only have eyes for him. This woman, whom he is in love with, would then be jealous and he would have a chance to date her. This guy dreams of shining and being admired, but his awakening brings him back to his reality… he lives alone, without a job and he has to build a future that escapes him.

Gianfranco GFN is a guitarist and composer whose influences are jazz, blues, bossa, funk, and rock. His first solo album «LINEA» released in 2011. His compositions have a rhythm section bathed in groove, a brass section brimming with energy, and good ” Giazz ” melodies, full of musical colors, his Acid-Jazz style will transport you into a trendy ” Giazz ” musical world … a little bit 70’S, original compositions … good groove … ” Good Vibes ” … to listen to relentlessly. Some of the tracks are being played on Swiss radio stations and in various countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, and Russia.

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