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In Our House is Robbie Rapids’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing psychedelic journey with Robbie Rapids and their captivating song, “In Our House.”

From the very first note, this track casts a spell over the listener, with its contagious groove and sinuous bass line that effortlessly carries you along a hypnotic musical current.

“In Our House” is an infectious blend of psychedelic elements and irresistible rhythms that create a truly immersive sonic experience.

The band’s seamless fusion of trippy melodies and groovy instrumentation ensures that listeners are transported to a dimension where time and space dissolve, leaving only the entrancing vibes of the song.

The interplay of various instruments builds a multi-layered soundscape that envelops the audience in an otherworldly embrace.

The heart of the song lies in its lyrical content, which tells the tale of a young couple lost in the thrill of their relationship.

The metaphor of “playing house” in their romantic adventure adds an endearing touch to the narrative, making it both relatable and dreamlike.

The bass line becomes the backbone of the song, guiding the listeners through its twists and turns with sinuous grace.

Its presence adds a layer of depth to the already mesmerizing groove, elevating the song’s infectious nature to new heights. Each instrument contributes to the overall psychedelic atmosphere.

The futuristic video accompanying “In Our House” is a stroke of genius, as it perfectly captures the song’s vibes and enhances the overall experience.

The combination of the music and visuals creates a holistic and immersive artistic expression that leaves a lasting impression.

In Our House is Robbie Rapids’ Single Out Now!


In Our House is Robbie Rapids’ Single Out Now

A song about a young couple playing house in their relationship. This song is written specifically about her house and the feeling associated with breakup & reuniting.

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