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Innocent Sinner is H.Eldritch’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the realm of musical discovery, there occasionally emerges an artist whose sonic resonance transcends the ordinary.

Innocent Sinner is H.Eldritch’s Single Out Now

Behind the curtain of this musical endeavor is the visionary Harry Houseago, the chief architect of the project. With his band, Houseago weaves quality songs.

From the first notes, it becomes evident that Eldritch is not just another voice in the crowded soundscape.

His vocal delivery is as intriguing as it is haunting. A truly distinctive voice, rich with a beguiling hoarseness, immediately captivates the listener.

There’s an authenticity in his delivery that makes you believe every word of the lyrics, drawing parallels to the nuanced tones of Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon.

What sets Eldritch apart, however, extends beyond the vocal realm. This is a skilled songwriter with a reservoir of compositional experience.

The chord progression forms a robust foundation and shows the meticulous attention paid to each musical detail. The melody unfolds with a refined elegance, and the harmonic and rhythmic intuitions showcased are masterful.

The professional production further elevates the listening experience, allowing the nuances of each instrument and Eldritch’s compelling vocals to shine.

It’s an exciting prospect to witness the evolution of an artist of this caliber—a journey into melodic depth that makes H. Eldritch an artist to watch.

Innocent Sinner is H.Eldritch’s Single Out Now!

Melodic Depth!

h. eldritch is the intricate and anthemic music of singer, songwriter and producer Harry Houseago, existing on the fringes of indie folk, dirty electronica and arena rock. h. eldritch combines finely-crafted acoustic guitar orchestrations with imaginative electronics and vocals that drift from delicate falsetto lines to impassioned primal roars.

‘I’m half-resigned that she and I just waste each other’s time I wouldn’t say she broke my heart but she kissed me once and told me I was nice’

Live, h. eldritch become a powerhouse trio, with Harry being joined by ingenious drummer/percussionist Oscar Reynolds and multi-instrumentalist James Hill providing bass guitar and synth. With songs and showmanship in spades, they earned themselves slots at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, Pub In The Park, Signature Brew’s Summer In the City festival and upcoming headline shows at The Bedford, Balham and The Bread and Roses, Clapham in September and October.

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