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INSANE! is Octavia’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Octavia bursts onto the scene with “INSANE!”, a single that’s intensely personal and fiercely relatable.

INSANE! is Octavia’s Single Out Now

The first thing that grabs you is Octavia’s voice. It’s raw and powerful, brimming with an honesty that makes every lyric land with impact. You can’t help but believe the fire in her delivery.

There’s a clear nod to the alternative rock of the 90s, with its driving guitars and pulsating bassline.

But Octavia compositional style has modern touches too, creating a sound that feels fresh and unique. It’s like stumbling into a familiar world that’s been subtly reshaped.

Octavia isn’t afraid to speak her mind. “INSANE!” is a visceral, gut-level anthem for anyone who’s ever felt stifled by societal expectations.

The chord progressions build a sense of tension and release, mirroring the internal struggle against conformity.

The twilight atmosphere, crafted through the music, perfectly captures that feeling of being trapped between the darkness of societal pressures and the yearning for freedom.

This is an introspective piece that will resonate with anyone who’s ever felt to break free from the mold. Octavia reminds us that sometimes, following our instincts is the only way to truly find ourselves.

“INSANE!” leaves you wanting more, eager to see where Octavia’s raw talent and unapologetic voice will take her next.

INSANE! is Octavia’s Single Out Now!

Real and Instinctive!

Five years ago, I was operating under another stage name, and I took a hiatus due to my mental health. I was drinking every day as well as abusing other substances to escape reality.

Fast forward to the present day, I am sober and have been for a year now. 2023 was the year that I decided to get my shit together and take music seriously. Now I’m back to creating music under the name Octavia. These past few years, I have focused on getting my mental health back into a stable and good place. I also took that time to find my sound and identity as an artist. I wrote my debut single “INSANE!” five years ago, and it was the catalyst that made me want to improve the quality of my life.

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