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Inside My Duality is Die In Void’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Die In Void’s “Inside My Duality” opens with a shroud of mystery, drawing the listener in with a dark, swirling atmosphere.

Inside My Duality is Die In Void’s Single Out Now

Then, the guitars explode in a sonic avalanche, launching the song into a full-throttle assault.

The driving rhythm and forceful verses evoke the industrial might of Rammstein, with the vocalist’s delivery echoing the signature timbre of Till Lindemann.

But “Inside My Duality” doesn’t stay rooted in familiar territory.

The chorus takes a sharp turn, venturing into progressive metal territory. Complex instrumentation and pressing rhythm create a sonic dissonance, starkly contrasting the song’s initial pummeling.

This unexpected shift from industrial aggression to progressive intricacy is what makes the song truly unique.

Die In Void are clearly seasoned musicians. Their performance is masterful, showcasing a tight rhythm section and a guitarist who wields riffs with precision.

The production is top-notch, providing a clear and powerful soundscape that amplifies the song’s intensity.

“Inside My Duality” is a thrilling example of genre-bending metal.

The masterful blend of these styles creates a truly epic and intense listening experience that demands to be cranked up to eleven.

Inside My Duality is Die In Void’s Single Out Now!


The cryptic journey begins with Mikael Hallgren, a maestro who emerged from the eighties, crafting melodies behind a piano. In 2019, he forged an unholy alliance with the four virtuosos. Mickael Ljungdahl and Mikael Hallgren started up the journey first and recruited the rest of the band members one by one.

Mikael Hallgren (Composer, Lyrics, Producer, Lead vocal, Keyboard), Mickael Ljungdahl (Guitar), Luis Galvez (Bass), Tony Hill(Vocal), Robert Sobota (Drums) and Christoffer Borg (Mix&Mastering)

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