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Intagible pt.1 is Fabbro di Chiavi’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Fabbro di Chiavi’s EP “Intangible pt.1” is a thought-provoking and philosophically rich musical journey that reflects not only his professionalism and determination but also a deep sense of purpose in his work.

Intagible pt.1 is Fabbro di Chiavi’s Ep Out Now

This collection of songs delves into profound questions about humanity’s relationship with nature, drawing parallels to the teachings of philosophers like Marcus Aurelius.

It encourages listeners to contemplate their place within the universal flow of nature, and it certainly stimulates critical thinking.

“Intangible pt.1” opens with “Embracing the Unknown,” a track that masterfully balances moments of comfort with those of instability, mirroring the harmonious yet unpredictable nature of life.

It’s a musical representation of our interconnectedness with the natural world, reminding us that, despite our attempts at control, unexpected events will always arise. The song’s emotional dynamics effectively capture these contrasting elements.

“Journey to Apatheia” takes a more metaphysical turn, offering a ballad that is both charming and unpredictable. The melody’s occasional brokenness serves as a reminder that, like water, we must adapt and embrace the ever-changing nature of existence.

This track underscores the idea of surrendering control and living in harmony with the unknown.

“The Emotion Ruler” seems to encapsulate the overarching theme of the EP. It highlights the necessity of accepting the limits of human nature and acknowledging that some aspects of life are beyond our control.

This acceptance ultimately leads to a humble recognition of our place within the grander scheme of things, as interconnected elements of the whole.

Fabbro di Chiavi’s ability to convey complex philosophical concepts through music is commendable. Each track offers a distinct perspective on the theme of embracing the unknown and letting go of the desire for total control.

The EP not only serves as a musical experience but also as a catalyst for deep introspection and self-reflection.

Intagible pt.1 is Fabbro di Chiavi’s Ep Out Now!


Intagible pt.1 is Fabbro di Chiavi’s Ep Out Now

Following the release of the single “Light and Heavy” in March 2022, he has now unveiled the new EP, “Intangible Part 1.

“This latest artistic endeavor transcends conventional boundaries and encapsulates a concept deeply influenced by the
Stoic philosophy—a profound observation of the contemporary world, harmoniously fused with the evocative power of orchestration, within the progressive and cinematic context.

Fabbro di Chiavi’s musical odyssey mirrors the Stoic ideals of embracing the unknown with curiosity and maintaining Apatheia in the face of adversity with unwavering grace.

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