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Into The Night is Drew Russell’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Drew Russell’s “Into The Night” is a passport to a truly unique musical universe.

Into The Night is Drew Russell’s Ep Out Now

From the opening track, “No Time For Lizards,” it’s clear you’re in for an unexpected adventure. The song throws you headfirst into Russell’s intriguing musical limbo.

“Deliverance” is a prime example. It’s a high-octane ride fueled by a banjo that practically begs you to raise a glass of moonshine.

But then Russell throws a curveball – hints of rock and pop peek through, creating a catchy, modern blend that feels entirely fresh. The unexpected ethereal piano at the end just adds to the intrigue.

The energy doesn’t drop with “Broken Tape,” keeping the momentum pumping. But then “Every Little Bleed” reveals another facet of Russell’s artistry.

This intense ballad showcases his vocal range and songwriting talent. Similarly, “Take Stand” delves into a more introspective mood.

The EP culminates with the title track, “Into The Night.” It’s a perfect closer, a melting pot of everything that came before. It’s undeniably pop, with a contagious rhythm and a meticulously crafted chord progression. By the end, you’re left wanting more.

“Into The Night” is a bold statement from an artist who’s clearly not afraid to push boundaries. With his genre-bending approach and undeniable talent, Drew Russell is definitely an artist to watch.

He’s on a clear path to great success, and this EP is a thrilling glimpse into what the future holds.

Into The Night is Drew Russell’s Ep Out Now!


Hitting the Brisbane scene in 2022, Alt Rocker Drew Russell quickly garnered attention with his raw, rock anthem “Sunny Street” followed by “In My Dreams” and “So It Seems”, all of which were entirely written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Drew himself and proved him to be a diverse, daring and genre-crossing artist.

But it was his fourth single “Deliverance” that really put Drew on the map. Taking influence from artists like Jake Bugg and Luke Bryan as well as the Country, Bluegrass and Folk Music Genres, Drew wanted to do his own take on Bluegrass by pumping it full of catchy ear candy while ultimately coming away with a solid rock tune.

Radio stations, playlists, and publications all across Australia quickly picked up the song, citing how fun and catchy it was and how impressive it is musically and production-wise. One Radio Broadcaster regarded Deliverance as a “top shelf performance” while other notable comments include “super fun and production is really tight around an incredibly well composed number”.

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