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Into The River is Down In Motion’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Down In Motion’s latest single, “Into The River,” shows the band’s musical talent and commitment to creating a unique sound.

Into The River is Down In Motion’s Single Out Now

The modernity of their approach is striking, evident from the intricate and innovative chord progressions that weave through the entire track.

The band’s dedication to their craft is palpable, suggesting countless hours spent refining their musical alchemy in the rehearsal room.

“Into The River” is full of influences, skillfully drawing from Punk, Alternative, Rock, and more, resulting in a sound that is distinctly their own.

While the track carries echoes of the past, it is undeniably rooted in contemporary vibes, showcasing the band’s ability to navigate and incorporate diverse musical landscapes.

One of the that I like the most about “Into The River” is the solid guitar work, which provides a strong foundation for the song.

The drummer and bassist follow each other like shadows, supporting the rhythmic session impeccably.  The interplay between these elements creates a dynamic and engaging sonic experience, showcasing the band’s tight musical cohesion.

The singer’s passionate performance resonates throughout the track, infusing it with emotion and energy. Despite the overall modern sound, there’s a subtle nod to the past, reminiscent of the nostalgic vibes found in bands like Bad Religion.

Into The River is Down In Motion’s Single Out Now!


Into The River is Down In Motion’s Single Out Now

Down In Motion is an exciting alt-rock powerhouse that blends elements from pop-punk, alternative rock, emo, post-hardcore and indie rock genres to create a captivating and dynamic sound. With their unique fusion of influences from the
90s, 2000s, and beyond, Down In Motion orchestrate a captivating sound that doesn’t quite conform to traditional labels, leaving listeners hungry for more. For more information, visit www.downinmotion.com

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