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Jacko Hooper New Single Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
We already reviewed the music of Jacko Hooper in the past but now he just released a new single and we want to share with you our thoughts about it.

Another marvelous song proposed by this talented artist who with his unique voice always manages to excite.

This Was The Earth is the new single by Jacko Hooper and is accompanied by a beautiful video that we suggest watching below.

The refined arrangements and the attention to every little nuance is the secret of the sound of this artist.

A high-quality production, with the use of effects that is never exaggerated but are used only to emphasize some passages of the melody.

Ethereal and magical guitars that make you fly.

A sweet and relaxing song that hides that melancholy that we have heard many times in Radiohead’s songs.

A beautiful song, no strings attached!

This Was The Earth is Jacko Hooper’s Single Out Now!

Another wonderful song!


Jacko Hooper is a singer-songwriter from Brighton, UK, who combines mesmerising soulful vocals, beautiful guitar and achingly honest words by seeking influence from the things around him that mean the most.  Originally writing in the comfort of his bedroom with just the four walls around him to judge, he first began to venture out after a fortuitous video was filmed by a close friend and uploaded onto YouTube.

This led on to the demand for him to head out and start playing shows around the UK to his ever growing and committed following. Jacko quickly caught the eye of French videographer Rod Maurice of Le Hiboo who invited him to Paris to headline the Café De Lanse, quickly followed by a short European tour.


Find Jacko Hooper Here:


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