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Jesse’s Hotel is Scott Klein’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Scott Klein in the past but he just released his debut album and I want to share my opinion about it.

This talented artist cheers us up with this incredible album. I must say that all the songs of ‘Jesse’s Hotel’ are fantastic.

An album that has real rock as its theme, an album that takes you back in time with a compositional style that reminded me of the 70s.

I pressed the play button and let myself be carried away by this music, the atmosphere created by these pieces is magical and manages to keep the listener’s attention from the first to the last second.

The production is fantastic, the sounds perfect and the vocal interpretation of Jesse flawless. I believed the words sung in the lyrics and I stayed there listening to the stories told in the songs as a child before going to bed.

The harmonic construction of the songs and the chord progression are never predictable and banal and it is evident that we are dealing with an artist with a strong aesthetic taste and with a great musical experience behind him.

A gem that I recommend to everyone!

Jesse’s Hotel is Scott Klein’s Album Out Now!

Simply Wonderful!


Klein’s debut album Jesse’s Hotel is picturesque and sensual that cuts to scenes of lust to dreams of dark romance. The songs are a well thought out lyrical moan that coax the listener from pain to madness, creating a channel between a dreamful whisper and a sinful confession. The percussive guitar notes are a folky parallel to Klein’s haunting tenor voice laid out, looking down at underbelly of the America’s. He is reverberating a style lonely and clear, like the sadness of Morrison, jangle of Neil Young and the poise of Marc Bolan.


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