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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – John Ellwand

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to John Ellwand. I discovered this Artist while shuffling songs on Spotify and I liked the vibes of his music.

The sound of this artist intrigued me a lot.

A rock that contains elements of the past but that manages to be modern at the time, a perfect balance that creates a unique atmosphere.

The compositional approach in some moments reminded me of Beck as the chord progression is never predictable and banal and manages to entertain the listener from the first to the last second.

The production is very good and the sounds are deliberately left a bit “rough” in order to make you feel the blood of rock.

This artist has clear ideas on how to propose his music to the world and he does it with an original style that does not seek compromises. A sincere rock without strings attached that is able to reach the listener’s heart and soul.

A great discovery that I recommend to everyone.

Roots Of Love is John Ellwand’s Single Out Now!

Great Energy!


John Ellwand channels the nostalgic, heady tones of the heavy hitters of rock. And yet, he has created something unique with this own modernistic approach. Hailing from the eclectic seaside town of New Brighton, Ellwand stradlles many genres.

As he tips his cap to the forefathers of rock with one hand, he embraces the contemporary with the other. Using an alchemy of influences that range from the likes of Queens of the Stone AgeRoyal BloodLed Zeppelin & Tame Impala.

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