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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Jonathan Grow

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Jonathan Grow. I discovered this Artist while shuffling songs on Spotify and I was fascinated by his compositional style.

This music lifted my spirit and for a moment I forgot the problems of every day and I fell into a parallel universe made of magic and love.

The sweet notes of this melody fell on me like spring rain. I closed my eyes and saw myself walking barefoot on the endless American prairies.

I opened my arms towards the sky and I tried to carry within me the universal energy that moves everything.

The melody of this song is impeccable, the arrangements are masterful and the execution flawless.

Jonathan Grow is a Master and his music gave me goosebumps, you feel that he has a lot of experience composing for films as these melodies can fill your eyes with wonderful images… just fantastic.


Le Vol is Jonathan Grow’s Single Out Now!



American pianist and composer Jonathan Grow has released a new single titled Le Vol. This is the second single from his upcoming third studio project, an EP titled 3, which includes piano compositions centered around the theme of the number 3.

Grow drew his inspiration for Le Vol from the process of his oldest daughters leaving home. Intended for solo piano originally, it quickly became evident that the addition of other orchestral colors would better convey the mood, which range from melancholy remembrance to hopeful acceptance. The composer endeavors to tell a more universal story of loss, grief, and acceptance in three short movements, using repetition, melodic restatements, time signatures, and more cinematic orchestrations to convey the stages of emotion.

Le Vol is at once both a very personal piece and one that strives to connect others to their own human experience of loss. Here, Grow conveys his passion for storytelling of the everyday variety; a film score for the lived human experience. While the subject matter of Le Vol is the departure of his two daughters, the composer considers the broader story of loss of any kind, be it a person, an idea, or indeed bidding goodbye to the former self. Interpreted by Grow in a three-act structure, the first movement begins with a first awareness of loss, told with arpeggiated progressions on solo piano that are quick, yet melancholic. The composer wades into grief with an initial uncertainty in the second act, assisted by rubato phrasing of the solo piano. The piano is joined by orchestral elements which begin to restate the theme, dovetailing in a state that gives a sense of turning things over and over. Acceptance begins with equal caution, entering the final movement of the piece, where gentler, more subdued tones prevail, marked additionally by a change in meter and signature. Here, a countermelody takes the lead, lifting the piece for a moment. And while the piece becomes hopeful at moments in the third act, it never strays far from enduring tones of bittersweetness.

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