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Journey Toward Wholeness is Norine Braun’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In “Journey Toward Wholeness,” Norine Braun delivers a seasoned performance that resonates with depth and emotion.

Journey Toward Wholeness is Norine Braun’s Album Out Now

Braun’s vocals blend nuanced tones drawing listeners into her world of life experiences and introspection.

The album’s sound is refined, blending elements of soft rock and soul reminiscent of icons like Nancy Sinatra.

With its tremolo guitars, saxophone accents, and jazzy drum beats, the music evokes a cinematic quality, conjuring images of a James Bond film soundtrack.

Standout tracks like “Abandon” showcase Braun’s talent in crafting nostalgic ballads, where ethereal vibes transport listeners on a journey of imagination.

The spoken-word segments add an intriguing layer, creating an aura of mystique akin to encountering an oracle.

“Hunting Buffalo” channels the spirit of 70s rock, infusing the album with a vibrant psychedelic energy.

All the songs in “Journey Toward Wholeness” are solid with each track contributing to the album’s cohesive narrative.

A masterful collection of songs that must be savoured like a glass of aged Wniskey, in small sips to appreciate all the nuances.

Journey Toward Wholeness is Norine Braun’s Album Out Now!


Norine Braun is a Canadian singer-songwriter renowned for her soulful vocals and introspective songwriting in multiple genres. With 14 albums to her name, Braun’s music explores themes of the environment, identity, heritage, and the universal journey of life. Norine is Metis and Two Spirit.

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