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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Julianna Sweeney

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Julianna Sweeney. I discovered this Artist while shuffling songs on Spotify and I really liked her voice.

Are you ready for a journey into the depths of your soul?

Are you ready to surrender to strong emotions?

This artist with her unique and wonderful voice is able to speak directly to the soul and touch the heart with emotional lyrics.

In some moments her way of composing music reminded me of the legendary Tracy Chapman and in others, the chord progression for some reason reminded me of Linda Perry of For Non Blondes.

Julianna’s voice is incredible, voices of this type are not easy to find.

A timbre full of light nuances that make this voice unique and immediately recognizable, the enviable vocal control makes it all really enjoyable to listen to.

This artist sings with passion and you can clearly hear how this music carries an important message.

This album is dedicated to her mother who died of cancer a few years ago and this tragic event has pushed this girl to want to help other people with her music.

Julianna is donating all proceeds from merch and physical CDs, as well as all royalties from the first week of streams to childhood cancer research.

Her music is refined and nothing is left to chance, an absolutely professional production where every instrument finds the right space and the songs breathe and live well.

These songs are curative because they bring with them a harmony capable of reaching the cells. These notes are able to reach them and make them dance and have fun so that they can not go crazy and create incurable diseases.

Her music is a gift and an open portal to the afterlife, her mother is listening to these songs together with my sister who unfortunately died of the same disease two years ago.

A gem that I absolutely recommend and I ask you to support because of the mission that this music brings with it.

Exit Fo[u]r is Julianna Sweeney’s Album Out Now!

Music that touches the heart!



Julianna Sweeney is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey. The album Exit Fo[u]r have been released on the birthday of her mother, who died of metastatic breast cancer 3 years ago.

Julianna is dedicated to continuing her mom’s mission of leading a life in service to others, and is donating all proceeds from merch and physical copies to childhood cancer research – a cause that was close to her mom’s heart.

It’s quite impressive to learn of the singer’s mission to give back through her music.

She also writes, plays and produces all of her own music, and has founded and run multiple benefit concerts for those in need alongside playing shows up and down the east coast.


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