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Just A Feeling is Sugarmoon’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Sugarmoon in the past but this talented band is back with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

As soon as this song started to caress my ears I immediately imagined being in a dance hall in the 60s when the DJ plays the first song and you fell shy and you don’t have the courage to invite the girl you like to dance with you.

Then the cadence of this song begins to beat to the rhythm of your heart and warms your blood and you find the strength, and you finally approach the girl and the party begins

Just A Feeling is a great track that makes you forget about everyday problems and has the ability to relax you.

The thing I liked the most is the enviable musical chemistry that these guys have managed to create with each other, it’s a real pleasure to hear them play.

Sugarmoon is a band that in my opinion is ready to play on stages around the world and entertain the masses.
Absolutely recommended to everyone!

Just A Feeling is Sugarmoon’s Single Out Now!

Lovely Vibes!


Dubbed ‘Bristol’s leading folk-pop force’ by Tap The Feed, Sugarmoon’s delicious brew of blues, rock, folk and pop has graced crowds at a sold out headline show in Bristol’s Exchange Basement, and appearances at Swansea Fringe Festival and inglefest in recent months.

For fans of The Doors, Belle & Sebastian, Mamas & Papas and The Beatles, Sugarmoon has enjoyed support from BBC Radio Bristol, Bath radio, Clunk magazine, For The Rabbits, Tap The Feed and more.

Find Sugarmoon Here:


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