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Kafka in Berlin is Thorax-Wach’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Thorax-Wach’s album, “Kafka in Berlin,” is a musical voyage that feels like a transmission from the future.

Kafka in Berlin is Thorax-Wach’s Album Out Now

The DNA of this project, rooted in forward-thinking innovation since the 80s, is evident in the avant-garde masterpiece they’ve created.

The hypnotic quality of their music is contagious, capable of triggering dreamlike visions and stimulating the intricacies of your neurons.

The futuristic allure of “Kafka in Berlin” is undeniable. The carefully crafted soundscape transports listeners to another dimension, reminiscent of the dystopian world painted in “Blade Runner.”

The music is not just a collection of songs but rather an immersive experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

The voice in the album is akin to listening to the prophetic words of an oracle. Its presence adds an ethereal layer further enhancing the otherworldly atmosphere that Thorax-Wach has masterfully woven.

Each track unfolds like a chapter in a sci-fi novel, with sonic elements acting as portals to unexplored realms.

The avant-garde nature of the music invites you to open your mind and embrace the unconventional. “Kafka in Berlin” is a sonic journey that invites you to step into the future.

You can buy the limited edition of the album here: http://www.suezan.com/newrelease#3109

Kafka in Berlin is Thorax-Wach’s Album Out Now!


Kafka in Berlin is Thorax-Wach’s Album Out Now

The electronic duo Thorax-Wach, consisting of musicians Olaf Kraemer and Frank Dieckmann, gained recognition in the early 1980s within the Berliner Geniale Dilettanten scene. The albums “Kaum erdacht – schon Mode” and “Euch geht’s ja noch viel zu gut” established them as pioneers of the techno genre (available at SUEZAN STUDIO).

After an impressive hiatus of 40 years, the artists reunited and, as admirers of Franz Kafka, decided to create an album about the writer’s last year in Berlin. “Kafka in Berlin” transports listeners to Kafka’s literary world just before a societal upheaval and technological revolution, still as relevant today as the ongoing development of Artificial Intelligence.

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