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Karma is Simon Taylor’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Simon Taylor’s EP “Karma” is a remarkable musical odyssey that seamlessly weaves together vintage vibes and profound lyricism.

Karma is Simon Taylor’s Ep Out Now

Taylor’s compositional style transcends the ordinary, resonating deeply with listeners and offering a window into his soul. This collection of tracks is a true testament to his artistic authenticity, as he fearlessly unveils his inner self through his music.

The EP’s sonic palette harks back to classic eras while maintaining a modern twist.

The fusion of timeless melodies with innovative production techniques showcases Taylor’s commitment to both honoring musical roots and pushing creative boundaries.

His lyrics are not mere words, but windows into his innermost thoughts and emotions. Each track is a story, a reflection, or an exploration of the human experience.

Taylor’s words resonate on a universal level, touching on themes of love, growth, introspection, and life’s challenges.

“Karma” feels like a journey of self-discovery as Simon Taylor peels away the layers and presents himself authentically.

Through his music, he invites listeners into his world, sharing his vulnerabilities, dreams, and struggles. In a world often characterized by facades, Taylor’s willingness to reveal his true self is refreshing and inspiring.

“Karma” is a musical journey that mirrors life’s ups and downs. Just as life is a mix of joy and sorrow, Taylor’s EP delves into a range of emotions.

This emotional diversity makes the EP a rich and multi-dimensional experience, allowing listeners to connect with it on many levels.

Karma is Simon Taylor’s Ep Out Now!


Karma is Simon Taylor’s Ep Out Now

“Karma” is an eclectic mix of Latin, rock and folk music with influences that include Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg. Recorded at a time of personal crisis, the “Karma” e.p briefly reflects this chaos in the acerbic lead track “Judgement Day”, which is an atypically punchy rock song calling out nuisance neighbors.

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