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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – KI off the book

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to KI off the book. I discovered this Duo while shuffling songs on Spotify and I was fascinated by their compositional style.

Surely we are faced with very high-quality musicians who have developed a refined artistic taste.

Honestly, I was struck by the intricate melodic lines and the masterful harmonic intuitions.

The new Ep titled ‘EP II’ is an incredible sonic journey that manages to make you travel with your imagination.
I saw myself walking through a pine forest in a world similar to that of the Hobbits in the movie the Ring.

KI off the book have a musical vision that stands out from the crowd and with courage, they follow their instincts mixing classical instruments with electronic sounds. The musical influences are many and this duo has managed to make them coexist in a perfect balance.

Honestly, I found no flaws in production, execution, and interpretation. This music should be sipped like a glass of Chianti. Absolutely masterful!

EP II is KI off the book’s Ep Out Now!

Intricate and Refined!


Diving deep into the explorative, expressive, and wildly imaginative side of sound, K I Off The Book is built on the strengths of a highly innovative instrumental duo on a mission to create genuinely unique & entirely unforgettable moments in time. Combining the spectacular skills of self-taught drummer Illes Ispanovits, and his classically trained band-mate Peter Kocso on guitar, together they generate true authenticity in their music, and take listeners on a powerfully stylistic & sensory trip unlike any other.


170_4 – Multicam Live Session https://yo…GFb5jFkaQQ live on the 6th of May at 5.05pm PDT
160 – Multicam Live Session https://yo…2BMG_CkWZs live on the 7th of May at 4.50pm PDT
160 duo – Uncutted live rehearsal https://yo…94c2aJ02bY  live on the 8th of May at 3.15pm PDT
Ispa Beats – 200 – Playthrough https://yo…oSm3CMnuSk  live on the 9th of May at 5.45pm PDT
Ispa Beats – 180 – Playthrough https://yo…Gz0jHBPxvQ  live on the 9th of May at 5.45pm PDT

Find KI off the book Here:


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