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Kissing You is Dani Hagan’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Dani Hagan’s EP “Kissing You” is an instant musical hook that draws you in with its compelling blend of vintage vibes and modern production.

Kissing You is Dani Hagan’s Ep Out Now

What immediately stands out is the artist’s ability to infuse her compositions with a retro aesthetic while delivering them with a contemporary flair.

Within Dani Hagan’s music, you can feel the fire of rock roaring in her veins. Her songs exude a raw and passionate energy that’s undeniably inspiring.

There’s a clear sense of determination and drive, a relentless pursuit of her dreams, that reverberates through each track in the EP.

“Kissing You” is an intense EP where most of the tracks pack an energetic punch. However, there are moments, such as in “I Lose It” and “Too Much,” that reveal a different facet of Dani Hagan’s artistic vision.

She demonstrates a versatility that extends beyond energetic rock, showcasing her ability to create intense and emotive ballads.

Hints of country vibes are sprinkled throughout her music, providing a unique and flavorful twist to her sound. These elements add a distinct taste to her compositions, making her music stand out in a crowded musical landscape.

“Anywhere But Home” shows Dani Hagan’s vocal gift, delivering a sexy and intriguing performance. Each song in the EP is a solid piece of musical craftsmanship, demonstrating her consistency in songwriting and performance.

Kissing You is Dani Hagan’s Ep Out Now!


Kissing You is Dani Hagan’s Ep Out Now

Born and raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota and now based in Los Angeles, Dani Hagan has been developing her own brand of soulful rock while selling out some of LA’s most iconic venues. Her versatility as an artist transcends genres with complete authenticity. Kissing You is a collection of emotionally charged rock and alternative tracks.

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