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La la la is Fat Bottomed Boys’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The musical duo Fat Bottomed Boys, in their single “La La La,” bring forth a level of intensity that is truly captivating.

La la la is Fat Bottomed Boys’ Single Out Now

While the influence of Queen is evident in their music, I felt also the vibes of Rolling Stones. There’s something uniquely their own about Fat Bottomed Boys. They’ve crafted their musical universe and approach, making their mark on the music scene.

“La La La” shows their artistry. It’s a refined and well-composed song with a chord progression that’s meticulously thought out.

The melody line is both catchy and intriguing, demonstrating their exceptional compositional skills that go above and beyond the ordinary.

What stands out in this ballad is not only the songwriting but also the impeccable production and masterful performance. It’s clear that Fat Bottomed Boys have dedicated themselves to creating music that’s not just powerful but also finely crafted.

Their approach to songwriting, coupled with their undeniable talent, is a force to be reckoned with in the music world. “La La La” is a song that not only draws you in but keeps you entranced from start to finish.

Their journey is one that music enthusiasts should keep a close eye on as they continue to create powerful and captivating compositions.

La la la is Fat Bottomed Boys’ Single Out Now!


La la la is Fat Bottomed Boys’ Single Out Now

In 2020, Elash and The Sgt. created Fat Bottomed Boys In doing so, they took on a massive task: to perpetuate Queen’s legacy through new songs; original compositions in the “royal” family tradition.

They rose to the challenge, and continue to meet it with panache: their three albums, Let’s Do It! (2020), Too Much Is Not Enough (2021) and The King Of Rhye (Part 1: White Side) & The King Of Rhye (Part 2: Black Side) (2022) are critically acclaimed. Moreover, they have captured the hearts of fans, seduced by an idea never heard or published before.

Throughout these three albums, the band explore rock in all its guises – pop, prog, hard rock, funk, new wave and more – reinventing themselves with each new song.

Fat Bottomed Boys have had the pleasure of several international collaborations. These include a contribution to the soundtrack for ‘Borrowed Time 3’, a Franco-American film, and producing a full soundtrack for the Australian novel, ‘The King of Rhye’.

Since 2022, Elash and The Sgt. are also official ambassadors of Brian May Guitars.

In concert, the true energy of Fat Bottomed Boys is able to shine. A powerful sound, flamboyant outfits and a show that dazzles, enough to give their audience an intense and timeless moment.

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