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Land of Heart’s Desire is Silent Mass’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Silent Mass, the brainchild of the intriguing Ammo Bankoff, casts a spell with their newest single, “Land of Heart’s Desire.”

Land of Heart’s Desire is Silent Mass’ Single Out Now

 This music is a journey into a crepuscular world, a soundscape bathed in the ethereal glow of moonlight.

Bankoff’s voice takes center stage, a hypnotic instrument that speaks directly to the soul.

It’s a voice that haunts and enchants, perfectly embodying the song’s melancholic beauty. Imagine a solitary figure wandering through a moonlit forest, the cityscape of a dystopian future shimmering on the horizon. That’s the imagery “Land of Heart’s Desire” conjures.

The arrangements are a masterful blend of past and future.

Echoes of the 80s dance alongside futuristic soundscapes, creating a unique sonic limbo that exists entirely on its own terms.

The production is fantastic. Generous reverb adds a layer of dreamlike atmosphere, while breathy keys transport the listener to another dimension.

“Land of Heart’s Desire” is a song that lingers long after the last note fades, a haunting reminder of the unfulfilled desires that sleep in the shadows.

But for those seeking a truly unique sonic experience, this single is a must-listen. Silent Mass offers a sound that defies categorization, a blend of beauty and darkness that will leave you spellbound.

Land of Heart’s Desire is Silent Mass’ Single Out Now!


Land of Heart’s Desire is Silent Mass’ Single Out Now

Silent Mass emerged as a solitary pursuit in sun-drenched pre-pandemic Los Angeles by Ammo Bankoff. Her debut single, a cover of ‘Total Recall’ that Big Takeover Magazine called “melancholic escapist dreamery,” was released in 2020 on Dune Altar as part of the charity compilation ‘Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to Adrian Borland & The Sound.’

Ammo eventually relocated with audio engineer and guitarist Robert Duncan to join drummer and producer Alex Posell in NYC. With demand for live performances, bassist Kevin LoBiondo completed the band’s final incarnation.

Currently hailed as “ethereal Brooklyn goths” by Brooklyn Vegan, Silent Mass will get you into a “dreamy state” with a sound that has disseminated to sold-out shows as far as Berlin and Los Angeles.

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